Turkish American Friendship Society of US

TAFSUS Fasil Night at Divan

Posted by TAFSUS Board | Jan 30, 2013

TAFSUS Fasil Night was held on Saturday December 15, 2012 at Divan Restaurant. Below are photos from the event.

TAFSUS Republic Day Dinner

Posted by TAFSUS Board | October 30, 2012

TAFSUS celebrated the Turkish Republic Day on Saturday, October 27, 2012. TAFSUS Republic Day Booklet is now available at the newsletter section. Below are photos and video from the event.

TAFSUS Republic Day 2012 - Part 1

TAFSUS Republic Day 2012 - Part 2

TAFSUS Republic Day 2012 - Part 3

GenÁlik Marsi


Posted by TAFSUS Board | September 1, 2012

TAFSUS organized on Sunday September 9, 2012. There was a Real Turkish Doner cooked on the spot. Also, there was free watermelon available and a Backgammon Tournament was held. Below are photos from the event.

TAFSUS ATA School Concert

Posted by TAFSUS Board | March 19, 2012

TAFSUS organized a fundraising dinner featuring Turkish Mezzo-Soprano BELGIN TOMLINSON in a concert of classical music with arias selected from the international repertoire including pieces from Efem by Sayram Akdil on March 18, 2012. She was accompanied at the piano by DAVID SHUNSKIS.

TAFSUS Lobster Dinner and Sing Along

Posted by TAFSUS Board | January 24, 2012

TAFSUS organized a Lobster Dinner at Downey's on January 20, 2012. TAFSUS Choir performed at the event with the participation of the Oud player Murat Keyder. Below are photos and videos from the event. More information is available at the news at the newsletter section.

Part 1: TAFSUS Choir Performing "Bir ruzgardir gelir gecer sanmistim"

Part 2: TAFSUS Choir Performing "Akasyalar Acarken"

Part 3: TAFSUS Choir Performing "Muhabbet Bagina Girdim Bu Gece"

Part 4: TAFSUS Choir Performing "Cile Bulbulum Cile"

Part 5: TAFSUS Choir Performing "Ayva Cicek Acmis Yaz mi Gelecek"