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The Republic of Turkey is a paradise of sun, sea, mountains, and lakes that are full of natural beauties waiting to be discovered by you. Turkey has an ideal climate that is perfect for relaxing on sandy beaches or enjoying the tranquility of mountains and lakes. Turkey also has a magnificent past, and is a land full of historic treasures from 13 successive civilizations spanning 10,000 years.

You can see a lot of this great heritage all over the country. There is no doubt that one visit will not be enough, and you will want to come back again and again as you discover one extraordinary place after another. All of them, no matter how different, have one thing in common: the friendly and hospitable people of this unique country.

The Republic of Turkey is a Eurasian country with Eastern and Western traits. It spans two continents. The seas which surround the country on three sides are the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Turkey has borders with Georgia, Armenia, Nakhichevan and Iran to the east, Bulgaria and Greece to the west and Iraq and Syria to the south. Throughout history, Turkey, due to her location, her important strategic position, and her extensive coastline which make her a neighbor to the entire world, has been an epicenter of major trade and migration routes.

Turkey at a Glance
A physical and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. Lying in the heart of Eurasia, she is surrounded by three seas and 12 neighboring states
A treasure house of history, a melting pot of civilizations and a bridge for dialogue between cultures
A dynamic nation of 75 million people
A pluralistic and secular democracy
An emerging economic power within the world's top 17th largest economy
Poised to become an important global energy hub and corridor
A promoter of regional stability
A net contributor to international peace and security

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Istanbul has been designated as the Europe Capital of Culture for 2010 by the Council of European Union.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and its first President, stands as a towering figure of the 20th Century. Among the great leaders of history, few have achieved so much in so short period, transformed the life of a nation as decisively, and given such profound inspiration to the world at large.

Mustafa Kemal, Turkey's legendary hero and father, eternalized his view with his famous motto "peace at home, peace around the world". His achievements have revolutionalized Turkey's culture and policies. His original name was Mustafa Kemal, and the honorary title "Atatürk" was bestowed upon him as late as 1934, by the Grand National Assembly, and means "Father of the Turks".

It is only teachers who are saving nations. Teachers: the new generation will be your devotion.

- Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

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